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Shawn Boggs Counseling offers psychological assessments for teenagers and adults to assess problems such as depression, anxiety, marital distress, and premarital counseling. Here are a few benefits of assessments:

  1. Assessments help the therapist learn a lot of valuable information quickly and early in treatment, increasing relief for patients.
  2. Assessments help a therapist with diagnosis and plan better treatment.
  3. Assessments help patients learn more about themselves and other family members/spouse.
  4. In the case of premarital counseling, assessments help make a couple aware of areas that need more attention in their relationship as well as underscoring their strengths.

Assessments Offered

Beck Depression, Beck Anxiety, and Quality of Life Inventory– These three paper/pencil tests are offered in a bundle. Regardless of the problems that people see therapists for, nearly all patients experience some level of depression and anxiety.

Prepare/Enrich– This online exam is universally considered the best assessment in preparing engaged couples for marriage. It is also a highly useful exam to enrich couples who are already married and present for marital therapy.

16PF– This assessment measures 16 personality factors or tendencies that all people have. Learning about problematic tendencies in yourself can help you make better choices. Patients that benefit from this assessment are those struggling with pornography or sexual addiction, marital difficulties, depression, anxiety, and social difficulties.

Marital Satisfaction Inventory (MSI) – The MSI measures the type and extent of conflict within marriages and significant relationships. It can help couples to indicate emotions that they may not normally discuss through the 150, True/False questions inventory. The eleven scales measured are affective communication, disagreement about finances, time together, problem-solving communication, sexual dissatisfaction, aggression, family history of distress, role orientation, dissatisfaction with children, conflict over child rearing, and global distress.

These 4 assessments are each offered at $125 and will be selected by which meets your need best. Please note on the online form, a place where you can decline or accept taking an assessment.

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