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Shawn Boggs Counseling offers psychological assessments for teenagers and adults to assess problems such as depression, anxiety, marital distress, and premarital counseling in Grapevine TX. Here are a few benefits of assessments:

  1. Assessments help the therapist learn a lot of valuable information quickly and early in treatment, increasing relief for patients.
  2. Assessments help a therapist with diagnosis and plan better treatment.
  3. Assessments help patients learn more about themselves and other family members/spouse.
  4. In the case of premarital counseling, assessments help make a couple aware of areas that need more attention in their relationship as well as underscoring their strengths.

Prepare/Enrich Assessment Offered in Grapevine TX

Prepare/Enrich- This online exam is universally considered the best assessment in preparing engaged couples for marriage. It is also a highly useful exam to enrich couples who are already married and present for marital therapy.



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