Patient's Rights and Information

When you see Shawn D. Boggs, LMFT, for counseling you are buying a service. Therefore, you need helpful information to make a good decision. Below is important information about my business
practices. Always feel free to ask questions for clarity on points that you feel unclear about.

I.SESSION FEE: My fee is $150 for a 50 minute session. For those who using their Out of Network benefit with their insurance companies, follow this simple process. 1. Call the Customer Service phone number on the back of your insurance card, 2. Ask if you have Out of Network benefits for mental health. 3. If so, then ask what the deductible amount is to be met, what percentage of the visits is paid for, and the address to mail your receipt. You will mail the receipt I give you to your insurance company and they will refund the percentage of your visit in your plan.

II. CANCELLATION/ NO SHOW POLICY: Please be aware and understand that failure to call 24‐hours in advance of a scheduled appointment will result in you being billed $150, barring a reasonable emergency.

III. RECORDS & CONFIDENTIALITY: All of your communication becomes part of the clinical record, which is accessible to you in request. Your therapist will keep confidential anything that is communicated, with the following exceptions: a. you direct or give permission to tell someone else; b. your therapist determines that you are in danger to yourself or others; c. your therapist is ordered by the courts to disclose information; d. your therapist becomes aware of child abuse, elder abuse, or sexual impropriety by a doctor, minister, professional counselor, etc.

IV. DEPOSITIONS AND COURT APPEARANCES: If the therapist is subpoenaed to give deposition regarding the patient, the therapist will charge $200 an hour. If the therapist is subpoenaed to give  testimony in a court appearance, the therapist will charge a $500 non-refundable retainer and $200 an
hour fee, portal to portal.

V. ABOUT COUNSELING: Counseling is a process that helps individuals, couples and families identify problems, establish goals, and identify pathways for achieving these goals. Counselors are trained to assist patients in changing troublesome and problem causing thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships. Experience and research shows that patients who actively work on their problems both in counseling and outside, and take responsibility for changing their own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships are more likely to achieve their goals and receive more benefit from counseling than those who do not. As a patient you have the right to refuse to participate in treatment or to terminate treatment at your discretion.

VI. CONTACTING US: This office uses a voice mail system in order to provide patients with 24‐hour access. The voice mail is checked many times during the day and evening in case emergencies arise.

Any person wishing to make a complaint concerning an ethical, legal or personal right violation may do so by contacting the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors or the Texas LPC Board Phone is (512) 834‐6658, LMFT Board Phone (800) 942 5540, or to the Professional Licensing and Credentialing Division (800) 832‐9623.

The above information deals with most of the questions you will need to know, I will be happy to explain more about these issues and to answer other questions that you might have. This information will help you make your decision a good one. You can keep this information, and please read it carefully. We can look over it from time to time.