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In over 29 years of helping people, one very important lesson I've learned is that when people are in pain, they need a plan they can see. So for this reason I offer a Plan of Care in Grapevine TX, which is uncommon among therapists. In the Plan of Care we will clearly define why you are present for help, what your goals are for our time together, and break down the types of appointments we'll have. This will include diffusing any crises, gathering a history of the problem, homework assignments, and strategies for problem resolution. I also offer formal assessments to aid us in the process. Finally, the Plan of Care will include an estimate of the total number of appointments we will need. By our second appointment, we will schedule all of our appointments, both day and time, to reserve that slot for you. This will also help you know the total cost for your care.

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People typically benefit most by meeting with me weekly until short term stability and relief has occurred. We then agree to meet every other week, then every three to four weeks toward long-term, helpful change. It has been my experience that long-term change becomes permanent once monthly meetings occur for 3-6 months rather than terminating treatment when people initially feel better in the short term.


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